Instrument List


Studio A:
1896 Steinway C grand piano 7’6″ rebuilt 2016 by Jim Ialeggio
Studio B:
Yamaha P22 upright piano


Mellotron MK IV (flutes, vibes, 3 violins, cellos, 8 voice, bass clarinet tapes)
Hammond C2 with Leslie (Studio A)
Hammond M3 Organ-internal speaker and RCA out (Studio B)
Yamaha CP-80 electro-acoustic grand piano
Fender Rhodes 73 MK1 Suitcase electric piano
Fender Rhodes 54 MK2 Stage electric piano
Wurlitzer electric piano
Fafisa Compact Organ
Vox Jaguar Organ
Baldwin Fun Machine Organ
Moog Minimoog analog Model D
Moog Voyager Performer Edition
Therevox mono-synth
Dave Smith Prophet ’08 PE
Dave Smith Pro-2 mono-synth
Octave Cat analog mono-synth
Musser Ampli-Celeste
Arp Solina String Ensemble SE-IV
Yamaha CS-60
Yamaha CS-5 analog mono-synth
Yamaha CS-01 analog mono-synth
Yamaha PS-20 analog keyboard
Korg MS-20 (vintage)
Korg MS-20 Mini (by prior request)
Korg MS2000 poly-synth
Korg Monotribe
Korg Monotron
Yamaha DX-7 poly-synth
Casio Casiotone 101
Roland RS-09 string/organ synth
Multivox MX-20 analog keyboard
Emu Emulator II vintage sampler
Jaymar Toy Piano

Available for rental
Moog System 15 Modular Synth w/953 Duophonic Keyboard
Moog One 16 voice Polyphonic Synth
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
Buchla Music Easel
Roland Juno 60
Yamaha Motif



Fender 1968 Super Reverb
Fender 1961 Super
Fender 1969 Vibro Champ
Fender 1965 Deluxe
Fender 1965 Deluxe Reverb Re-issue
Fender 1972 Princeton Reverb
Fender Tweed Champ custom head
Fender 1970’s Bassman 50 w/4×10 cabinet
Fender Pro Junior
Fender 1×12 speaker cabinet
1971 Marshall Bluesbreaker 4×10
Vox AC30 amplifier
Ampeg 1960’s Gemini II
Gibson 1966 GA15 ‘Minuteman’
Magnasync Moviola URS-1 ‘Squawkbox’
Ampeg 1970’s B-15 Bass Amp
Acoustic 150 solid state bass amp w/2×15 cab
Walter Woods bass amp
Aguilar AG500 bass amp
Aguilar DB112 bass cabinet


Epiphone Granada 1965
Fender Jazzmaster ’65 Reissue
Fender Stratocaster
D’Angelico EX-DCSP Guitar
Magnatone electric guitar (vintage)
Fender P-Bass ’57 Reissue
Gibson Ripper 1974 Bass Guitar
Martin D-15M Acoustic Guitar
Sigma Acoustic Guitar
Takamine 12 String Acoustic Guitar

Guitar pedals are listed separately here.

Drums and percussion

1966 Ludwig Blue Sparkle drumset 12″, 13″, 16″, 22″
1966 Ludwig Champagne Sparkle drumset 12″, 14″, 16″ 20″
1939 Slingerland Radio King drumset 13″, 16″, 26″
1965 Slingerland drumset 12″, 16″, 22″
Gretsch Broadkaster reissue drum set 12″, 14″ 18″
Selection of vintage and modern snare drums
Selection of Sabian and Zildjian cymbals
LP Conga Pair
CB Percussion Glockenspeil
Assorted percussion


Equipment availability is subject to change without notice. If you need a specific item for your session please let us know.