Mix Room Gear List


SSL 4040E/G Mixing Console with 88 returns at mixdown


Yamaha NS10m with Bryston 2B
Auratone 5C pair


Studer A820 24 track 2″ tape machine
Studer A810 1/4″ 2 track analog tape recorder
ATR 102 1/2″ 2 track analog tape recorder
ATR 102 1/4″ 2 track analog tape recorder
Otari MX5050 1/4″ 2 track analog tape recorder
Dolby SR Noise Reduction 24 channels
Dolby SR Noise Reduction 2 channels (x2)
Tascam DA-3000 2 channel DSD/PCM recorder
ProTools Ultimate HDX DAW
Burl B80 Mothership with 40 outputs, 16 inputs
Mac Pro computer
iZ Corp RADAR STUDIO 24 track digital multitrack w/ PT 12 DAW

Preamps & EQ

SSL preamp/EQ (40)
Neve 1084 (2)
Api 560 graphic EQ (2)
Pultec EQP-1A EQ (1)
Manley Massive Passive Stereo Tube EQ
Dangerous Music BAX Stereo EQ
Radial ProD8 8 channel direct box
Radial EXTC 500 guitar fx interface
Avalon U5 Class A direct box (2)


EMT 140 plate reverb (2)
Ecoplate III plate reverb
Lexicon 480 digital reverb
Lexicon 200 digital reverb
Bricasti M7 digital reverb
AKG BX-20 spring reverb
AKG BX-10 spring reverb
Eventide H3000 multi-fx
Eventide DDL-500 digital delay
Lexicon PCM41 digital delay
Roland RE-101 Space Echo
Moog MF-104m Analog Delay
Moog Ladder Filter (2)
Korg SDD-1000 digital delay
RND 542 True Tape FX (2)
DBX 510 Subharmonic Synth (2)
DBX 520 De-esser
Overstayer Saturator NT-02A
SansAmp Rackmount Distortion
Eurorack modular assorted filters, delay
Tascam LA-40 MKIII Line converter

Floating Equipment

Eventide H910 2 (vintage)
Chandler RS124 compressor
Spectrasonics 610 compressor pair (vintage)
Mutron Bi-Phase (vintage)
Fulltone Tube Tape Echo
Maestro Echoplex Sireko (vintage)
Eventide Mixing Link (2)
Pigtronix Keymaster guitar pedal interface


Teletronix LA-2A (vintage)
Gates SA39B tube compressor
Gates Sta-Level vari-mu tube compressor
Department of Commerce CA-1529 tube limiter
Federal AM864/U tube limiter
Retro 176 tube compressor/limiter
Highland Dynamics BG-2 tube compressor (2)
API 2500 stereo compressor
API 525 compressor/limiter (2)
Manley Vari-Mu stereo tube compressor
Drawmer 1968 stereo tube compressor
Elysia mpressor stereo compressor
Pendulum PL-2 analog peak limiter
Daking Fet 3 stereo compressor
Daking Fet 2 compressor limiter
ADR Vocal Stresser F769X-R compressor/EQ
Symetrix 501 compressor/limiter
UA 1176 bluestripe compressor/limiter clone (2)
DBX 160A (1)
DBX 160X (2)
Empirical Labs EL-8 Distressor (2)
Empirical Labs Derresser (2)
Standard Audio Level-Or
SSL Quad Bus Compressor
SSL Channel Compressor/Expander (40)


SoundToys 5 Bundle
FabFilter Mix Bundle
Eventide H3000 factory
Eventide Blackhole
Eventide SP2016 Reverb
Eventide UltraChannel
Eventide Ultratap
Eventide Physion
Eventide Tverb
Newfangled EQuivocate
Newfangled Elevate
Celemony Melodyne
Valhalla Room
Valhalla Plate